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Going through an operation is not an easy task. Even a minor toe operation can bring a lot of difficulties for the person going through it. There are going to be two types of patients who face operations. They are divided into these two categories depending on how they want to face the operation. No matter which category you belong to first you should consult a doctor about the situation. For example, if you are having problems with your colon when you go to a good doctor they will perform a colonoscopy Melbourne to know what is exactly going on. If the situation is serious they will recommend an operation. You can choose to face that operation as a public patient or a private patient. 

Public Patients

A public patient is someone who makes their way to the operation by being a part of a waiting list of a hospital. These patients do not have to bear an expense for the operation. People with financial difficulties or people who do not want to spend money for an operation will choose this option. Since all the good doctors usually offer their services at hospitals for public patients too you will get the care you need. However, you will have to wait your turn since the operations are done based on a waiting list. There can be moments where you get a chance to go through the operation early on because someone before you on the list cancels.

Private Patients

A private patient is someone who consults a doctor and gets the operation done by paying for the operation. Let us say you have to get a pelvic floor surgery Melbourne done as soon as possible. If that is the case you will not get the chance to be on a waiting list as a public patient. The expense you have to bear for the operation along with the doctor’s fees is going to be dependent on the type of operation you have to face. If you have medical insurance they will cover you at least for some part. You need to realize that a good doctor is not going to force you to be a private patient. If you have time, can wait and you have problems with bearing expenses for an operation, they will help you to become one of their public patients. However, if the situation is too serious and there is no way to get it done faster as a public patient you will have to consider about being a private patient.