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breast surgery melbourne

Health is our real asset, and we must take care of it properly. Where a person a fit and healthy at the same place the chances of hitting some odd also exist. If by any chance you get caught by some deadly issues, the matter of trusting the right doctor and assurance of the right treatment is necessary. To fulfill this purpose, Mr. Justin James is at your service. Though we do offer a range of treatments and special care in this article we are going to highlight our prime services and contributions in the field of surgery.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery demands careful planning and day surgery procedure in some cases. Where arises the need for breast surgery in melbourne the patient needs the exposure of nuclear medicine, radiology, physiotherapists, breast care nurses, and surgeons. This surgery is directly aimed to diagnose the disease, types, and what procedure is useful? Before performing the breast surgery, the accurate imagining is performed as in MRI, mammogram, and ultrasound. These breast surgeries are performed under the effect of anaesthesia. The surgeon will never proceed with the surgery without looking at the previous images, reports, and all the required tests. Breast surgery is needed to diagnose the ongoing disease. There might be a lump or nipple secretions. We perform breast surgery beforehand to diagnose the type of disease. The patient is informed about the pre- and post-surgery conditions. These procedures are performed under the supervision of the surgeons with right-hand expertise in their relevant field.

Parathyroid Surgery

A thyroid looks like a butterfly and a gland is present in front of your windpipe and a little down to be voice box. The thyroid hormone regulates the energy of your body by taking the iodine from the food and utilizing it for your purposes. In cases of any problem, you can get in touch with Dr. Justin who is pro in performing thyroid surgery. As each person is different from the other one thus it Doctor Justin is happy to answer all your questions.

The thyroid is mainly controlling the body hence the parathyroid surgery must be performed excellently. The parathyroid gland consists of four other tiny glands behind the thyroid and controls the calcium amount in our bodies. Parathyroid surgery is critical thus the right-hand expertise is immediately needed for that.

Ask for Help

You must not compromise your health. Our team will be pleased to serve you thus get in touch and ask all your questions. We are here to help our patients in every possible way. Parathyroid surgery is offered by us more safely. We assure you no downtime and maximum health benefit.